Irene Purasachit, 1996

A Thai national, currently based in Helsinki. Always keen and passionate to learn new things from a different perspective.

By asking herself ‘What really is design?’ ‘What can I do as a designer?’ and believing that being a product design student didn’t mean only to design products led Irene to try various design areas such as industrial, furniture design, graphic + packaging to material experimental during 4 years of her undergraduate course, yet still hunger to explore more.

Irene is now continuing her study at Aalto University, Finland.


︎Aalto University, Helsinki (2019-present)
Master’s student in Contemporary Design
Department of Design, School of Arts, Design and Architecture

︎ Silpakorn University, Thailand (2014-2018)
1st Class Honours, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Faculty of Decorative Arts
Department of Product Design, Minor in Packaging Design


︎London Flower School, United Kingdom (2019)
Completed Four-Week Career Course

︎Language Certifications
7.5 Overall Band Score - IELTS (2019)
C1 Certificated - Cambridge English Qualification (CAE)(2019)
N3 Certificated - Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)(2013)

Awards and Exhibitions

︎Nominated for No Waste Challenge: What Design Can Do (Flower Matter)
︎Solo Exhibition : Flower Matter: Re-thinking the future of flower waste, Bangkok, Thailand

︎Exhibition: Helsinki Design Week 2020, Helsinki, Finland (Flowercycling)
︎Exhibition: Dutch Design Week 2020, Virtual exhibition, (Wool In a Pot)
︎Exhibition: Traces of Care, Online exhibition, (Forms of Care)

︎Best Thesis of the Year in Product Design: Silpakorn University (Colour Matter)
︎Exhibition: 303 Attra Degree Show (Colour Matter)

︎Merit Award : AsPac Award 2017 (VegTap)
︎Merit Award form JPDA: AsPac Award 2017 (This Is Not a Condom)
︎Exhibition: Thailand International Furniture Fair (TIFF 2017), Bangkok, Thailand (P.E.T.)(Mimetic)
︎Exhibition: ASPaC Awards 2016, Osaka, Japan (Tap-A-Tape)
︎Exhibition: ASPaC Awards 2016, Tokyo, Japan (Tap-A-Tape)
︎Asia Star Award (Purr-Chawa)
︎Exhibition: Bangkok Design Week 2017, Bangkok, Thailand (VegTap)

︎Top 10 Finalist: SCGPackagingxWallpaper* The Challenge 2016 (Puang-Khao)
︎Merit Award : AsPac Award 2016 (Tap-A-Tape)
︎1st Place Winner: Thai Star Award (Phur-Chawa)
︎Honourable Award: Thai Star Award (Phop-Phan)

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