Flaux , 2021
Material, Product 

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Award and Nomination
︎︎︎ Green Concept Award (Flaux - Nominated)
Flaux (/floʊ/) is a nonwoven-textile/ flexible sheet/ leather-like material. The material contain flower petals (mainly rose and carnation) as the main ingredient and colour agent for the material. Hence, no artificial colourant, no oil-based ingredient or additive is needed. All natural: Microplastic-free.

‘Flaux (/floʊ/) = Flower+Flexible Sheet’

Small clutch bag and a set of coin purses was prototyped from Flaux as a proof of concept of the material ability to be made into lifestyle products. (More details below)

Material: single and double layer red rose Flaux 
Additional components: nylon thread

Different textures can be created on Flaux

Prototype of Flaux: As the material has been developed with the aim to be potentially implemented in the textile landscape, the design is opted for a basic construction technique such as sewing. The uses of standard zippers and threads available at regular craft stores are purposefully selected to communicate the potential of the material within standard construction techniques. After a series of hand-sewing tests, the final pieces are sewed together using a household sewing machine.

Clutch bag
Body: single-layer red rose Flaux with organic pattern
Base: double-layer yellow rose Flaux, reinforce with a layer of paper
Additional components: nylon thread, metal zipper
Coating: coated with layers of water repellent spray

Coin purses
Material: single layer rose Flaux 
Additional components: nylon thread, plastic zipper

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