Phop Pharn, 2016

Honourable Award
- Thai Star Award 2016

Phop Pharn is the package of a Benjarong (a traditional Thai five-coloured porcelian), an appliance in the ritual, ‘Gruad Naam’.  The ritual ‘Gruad Naam’ ceremony is the pouring of ceremonial water as a sign of dedication of merit to the departed, which is widely performed in various Buddisht and traditional Thai cemenonies.

The design of the package highlights its simplicity and purity, inserted with the fine texture of the packaging material and its neat crimps.

Phop Pharn consists of three parts. The two main parts are the base and the funnel being tied together with a lock which can be detached for display. The third part is the internal core which hold the package in place and also serves as a shock absorber.

The Base and the Funnel
The Inner Core

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