Purr Chawa, 2016
Packaging, Product

1st Place Winner
- Thai Star Award 2016
- Asia Star Award 2017

Purr Chawa (Product) is a water hyacinth cat teaser ball specifically designed to widen the range of the local products in Nakorn Prathom province.

Purr Chawa (Packaging) based on the concept of minimising waste paper, the packaging is a one piece paperfolding carton, partly diecut for display effects.

By using a joyfulness and colourful graphic, Purr Chawa stands out from others Thai’s local product both in term of product and package. Therefore, able to reach more of the younger consumers.

Purr Chawa (Product) featuerd in ‘ฐ’ (Thor Tharn) publication, Published in 2016.

Purr Chawa (Packaging) won the 1st place in Thai Star Award 2016 in student category then received Asia Star Award in the following year.

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